Month: September 2021

  • An excellent credit score is the ultimate goal of the financially responsible consumer. Those three magic digits tell a story

  • National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed annually from Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. Since 1968, the month has offered Americans

  • That cackling, long-haired witch might send your heart fluttering with fear, but these Halloween scams are even spookier! Here’s what

  • Everyone loves a gift card for their favorite retailer or restaurant. It’s like getting money to spend in any way

  • College tuition rates have never been higher. Even if you qualify for financial aid and have federal student loans and

  • Refinancing your mortgage essentially means replacing your old mortgage with a new one. Your credit union or bank pays off

  • You and debt are so over. You’ve just about had it with those endless piles of credit card bills and

  • If you are a homeowner who has already taken out a mortgage, you understand that most of your repayments go

  • Buying a used car usually means taking out a loan to cover the cost. Getting approved for the loan is